Friday, April 11, 2008

Hyperactivity vs sugar?

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful...

I've been wondering...does sugar really triggers our hyperactivity like what i used to experience every time i consume Milo and some other confectionery and dairy products like chocolates? The feeling of having lots of energy and have all the strength to tease people...=p does really seem to appear after consuming sugar. But when i search on the Yahoo! Health, they deny the fact! there any other reason behind this phenomena? Let me quote you what comment on this issue;

"Myth-Sugar makes kids hyperactive

There is no relationship between sugar consumption and hyperactive behavior. Kids are naturally enthusiastic, prone to showing excitement for new activities and like to move around. Multiple scientific studies have concluded that children who consume drinks and foods with sugar show no difference in behavior than kids who consume sugar-free products.
The reality is this: Sugar does not turn normal children into hyperactive ones.
“Thus, despite numerous anecdotal perceptions to the contrary, systematic, controlled studies show that sugars do not cause hyperactivity.”A.L. Mardis. Current Knowledge of the Health Effects of Sugar Intake. Family Economics and Nutrition Review 13(1): 87-91, 2001."

do you know something or anything related to this? Lets crack our curiosity together!!! =)


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