Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Should or shouldn’t I proceed???

In the name of Allah, The Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate…

English for Academic Purposes or a.k.a EAP is one of the subjects that would help me in writing scientific writing later on especially during writing my thesis. Every one in the class should have a topic on their own right now.

During mass lecture, the lecturer told us to pick a topic of our interest. I did! But it was my second interest; an interest that I hope will lead me for better understanding in doing my final year project later. Sometimes I doubt, is it the best decision on picking this topic? Em…now…it is all about YEAST…everywhere YEAST…everyday YEAST…YEAST…YEAST…YEAST…

Last tutorial, we were supposed to do our thesis statement. But, since the topic have not been covered in previous mass lecture, thus our madam told us to have a suggested thesis statement so that we will have clearer picture on how to do it during next mass lecture. I just don’t know why, I’m not myself that day… those were the gloomiest day I’ve ever had since I arrived Kuantan. During the open discussion I just couldn’t make myself share with the others. And when, my group turn to discuss our thesis statement with the lecturer, I have a hard time to explain to the lecturer what my topic is all about… “hmm…this is a very complicated topic”…that sentence keep mingling in my mind until today. That was what my lecturer told me that when I explain what had I plan to do and what my points are.

I felt that I haven’t got the main idea of what a term paper should be. Argumentative essay is totally different with comparative essay…all I know, I had myself misunderstood all this while. Most of my points is comparing between the effect of yeast and baking soda. The points should let the people who are reading your essay about your firm stand on one side even though there are people who argue them.

Now…I just feel that I need your feed back, should or shouldn’t I proceed this topic???

Let see how you people understand my points and I do really need some comments so that I don’t feel that I will regret by decision on doing this topic.

Yeast is the best leavening agent in bread making.

Argument 1: Yeast gives the definite effect.

- The ‘reaction’ of yeast in bread making can be control by controlling the temperature, pH and humidity.

- Yeast is very sensitive because it is a living being.

Argument 2: Yeast can be genetically improved in the lab.

- Factors that allow yeast to be an excellent leavening agent.

- Natural product most likely brings less harm to human health.

(S.cerevisiae had been used for bread making since? – find evidence)

- There are – improvement for the yeast to function well.

Counter Argument: Chemical leavening agent can reduce the fermentation time.

- Example of chemical leavening agent: Baking powder, baking ammonium,

- baking powder does not need to be prove or leaven in a longer period of time.

- Process that took place is not fermentation but neutralization of acid and base (the baking powder itself).

- Usually used in ‘Quick bread’, muffin and other pastry.

Refutation: Yeast will give the largest increase in volume of any leavening agents.

- The quality of the bread depends on the texture and the aroma of the bread.

- The reaction of fermentation creates texture & flavour to the bread produced.

- Bread dough has a strong gluten structure depends on the ingredients used.

- Gluten is developed and strengthens through mixing, kneading, and rising which could not be seen in the process where chemical leavening agent is used.

Islamic Perspective

  1. Islam encourages us to use sources that will bring less harm to us.
  2. Every living being in this world is ‘Taskheir’ to human being, meaning that, every living beings is created to ‘serve’ human and with such privilege, human should know their role as slave to our Khaliq, and as a khalifah that will use our sources wisely.

p/s: This question might appear in your mind when you read the topic:

What is leavening agent?

(Hope this will help you to understand more…)

Leavening agent (sometimes called just leavening or leaven) is a substance used in doughs and batters that cause a foaming action intended to lighten and soften the finished product.

"Jadilah perindu dan pengejar redha Ilahi"...=)


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